Petrol price in Indore

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Current Petrol Price Indore – 66.76 Rupees / Liter

*Last Petrol Price Indore was updated on – 1 March, 2015

About Indore City

Indore is also referred as the mini Mumbai and located on the path of ancient pilgrimage from Ujjan to Omkareswhwar and route to Rameshwaram. Indore was the location where people used to take rest while traveling to Rameshwaram. In the Medieveal times, the city played an important role to distribute the west and north India where as Maratha were ruler of west and north was dominated by the Mughals. In 1720, local established trading market to cater the need of the people and it expanded rapidly during 1733 to 1819 in the Holkar dynasty. Indore is one among the largest city in Madhya Pradesh state and known as commercial capital of the state. There are numerous manufacturing, Engineering, textile and software companies located in the city premises including Eicher, Enercon, Volvo, KS oils etc.

Historical Data / Archive list of Petrol Price up and down in Indore

  • Petrol Price in Indore changed on 17.01.15 = 66.76 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Indore changed on 16.12.14 = 65.46 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Indore changed on 01.12.14 = 67.60 Litre