Petrol Price in Delhi


Check below the latest Petrol price in Delhi region. Compare Rate with archive data and get detailed Price Report on the basis of previous price reduction/hike. Given charges for today petrol price in Delhi is information purpose only. If you have any doubt or want to report an error kindly use contact form.

Current Petrol Price Delhi – 60.49 Rupees / Litre

*Last Petrol Price Delhi was updated On – 1 March, 2015

About Delhi

The capital city of India and located right on the banks of Yamuna river. It is the largest commercial hub in the northern region of India and has been a major cultural heritage since 1638. An ancient city has seen numerous activities ever since it was built in twelfth century by the Hindu ruler Prithviraja. However it was ruled by the Muslim after 1193 and city was completely demolished in the 14th century by the Turkish. It is the second largest populated city in the country and Punjabi are the most dominating section in the region. Delhi is well connected to Road, Train and Airport. The Indira Gandhi International airport is situated here and flights are available for all major cities in the country and most of the international capitals.
Hindi is common language of the Delhi and other commonly language includes Punjabi, Urdu, English, Bhojpuri and Haryanvi.

Historical Data / Archive list of Petrol Price up and down in Delhi

  • Petrol Price in Delhi changed on 17.01.15 = 57.31 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Delhi changed on 16.12.14 = 57.31 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Delhi changed on 01.12.14 = 63.33 Litre



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