Petrol price in Chennai


Check below the latest Petrol price in Chennai region. Compare Rate with archive data and get detailed Price Report on the basis of previous price reduction/hike. Given charges for today petrol price in Chennai is information purpose only. If you have any doubt or want to report an error kindly use contact form.

Current Petrol Price Chennai – 63.31 Rupees / Litre

*Last Petrol Price Chennai was updated On – 1 March, 2015

About Chennai City

The gateway of South India Chennai is a major town in the country. It is a state capital region of Tamil Nadu. Formerly Chennai was known as Madras and situated on the southeastern coast of India. The Chennai has a humid and hot climate almost everyday. The temperature ranges between 38 to 42 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It is a cosmopolitan city that has been a front runner in manufacturing and engineering industry. Chennai still has managed and followed its culture and heritage in the traditional way. Tamil is the only language which speaks by the most of the people living here. English, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi are the secondary choice in terms of spoken language in the region. Mahabalipuram, Vedanthanga, Crocodile Bank, Covelong, Tirupati are the few famous tourist and pilgrims attraction near by Chennai city..

Historical Data / Archive list of Petrol Price up and down in Mumbai

  • Petrol Price in Chennai changed on 17.01.15 = 61.38 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Chennai changed on 16.12.14 = 63.94 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Chennai changed on 01.12.14 = 66.05 Litre



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