Petrol Price in Bhopal


Check below the latest Petrol price in Bhopal region. Compare Rate with archive data and get detailed Price Report on the basis of previous price reduction/hike. Given charges for today petrol price in Bhopal is information purpose only. If you have any doubt or want to report an error kindly use contact form.

Current Petrol Price Bhopal – 66.76 Rupees / Litre

*Last Petrol Price Bhopal was updated On – 1 March, 2015

About Bhopal City

Capital city of Madhya Pradesh and named after the King Bhupal. It was founded by the King Bhoj and of Parmar dynasty. Bhopal district is bordered by the Guna in the north, Raisen in the easy and Rajgarh in the northwest. More than 500+ Government school are located in the various part of the city including 4 CBSE affiliated Kendriya Vidyalayas and few other institute affiliated by the ICSE, NIOS and IDSE boards. There are almost 200 Engineering College and over 250 general education colleges in the city affiliated to the BU Bhopal University. Hindi is the most commonly spoken language and Urdu is second favorite language spoken by most of the Muslim population. However Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarati is also spoken by the other community people staying here for business and jobs

Historical Data / Archive list of Petrol Price up and down in Bhopal

  • Petrol Price in Bhopal changed on 17.01.15 = 64.87 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Bhopal changed on 16.12.14 = 65.46 Litre
  • Petrol Price in Bhopal changed on 01.12.14 = 67.60 Litre



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